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Happy Mum, Happy Days!

Helping Women On Their Post-Natal Fitness Journey is our Specialty.

Whether you have just had a baby, haven’t felt you’ve had time to exercise, returned to work or your exercise habit has been derailed, we can help. We keep it all about you, designing fitness sessions that will help you safely get fitter and stronger in a supportive and encouraging community.

Local to Concord / Mortlake and Drummoyne, we offer these fantastic services:

Mums and Bubs Group Personal Training

Our Mums and Bubs programs are designed by mums for mums.

Experienced, friendly, qualified post-natal trainers who know how to encourage you, when to give you room to push harder and when your baby needs a little cuddle. We are mums too, so no judgements just friendly encouragement and a warm smile.
Make new friends and have fun while you train…it’s just like Mothers Group – but with squats! Getting out of the house is hard enough with a baby, so we try to make it as enjoyable as possible and research shows you are more likely to continue exercise when it’s fun.

Whether you’re at the starting line or pushing forward, personal training is tailored to you!

Have your workouts designed to your needs and goals in a time slot and location that suits you – Perfect! 

Do have a specific fitness goal? We love to hear them all and we are committed to helping you reach yours, however big or small it may be. 

Don’t have a specific goal but just want to make exercise a regular part of your life (because the myriad benefits of exercise are amazing!) then we can help with that, too….not everyone is looking to climb Mt Everest or run a marathon and we get that.  

The motivation to get fit and strong is as varied as our clients, and we want to help you reach your goals as much as you do!

Start today and you are one day closer.

Personal Training

Scream-Free Bootcamps

We have options to suit clients who can’t make the day time sessions or would like a session without their bub in tow.

Scream free bootcamps are just that. No screaming babies and no screaming drill sergeant routine. Let’s face it, we are all big girls, we know the work needs to get done, and we are capable of doing it. We certainly don’t need someone screaming in our face to encourage us. Here at Fit Together Co we lead by example rather than stand there and bark orders at our clients.

Tell me more, sign me up or count me in!